WELCOME TO İSTAŞ! Starting its activities in 1986, nearly 30 years since, İSTAŞ has achieved a historic success in its field with its understanding of quality, occupational health and professionalism in the sector, thanks to its services, such as manufacturing installation and facility services of many industrial plants, in Turkey and abroad. Successfully completing the installation of almost 9,000 MW Thermal Power Plants, Combined Cycle Power Plants, 5 Petrochemical Plants, 11 Cement Plants, 8 Sugar Factories, 5 Mine Processing Plants, 2 Defense Industry Projects, and approximately 2,000,000 square meter of insulation works, 8,500 tons of steel construction, HRSG Modules, Heat Exchangers, Industrial Chimney and Plants; İSTAŞ has contributed to the industrial development of Turkey and maintained its status in the sector as the leading company. İSTAŞ has provided world class services in the sector under ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 quality certificates, without sacrificing the quality, since established. İSTAŞ carries on its activities in the fields of Industrial Insulation (heat, sound and etc), HVAC, Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Installation; Design and Manufacturing of Drilling Equipment, Manufacturing and Installation of HRSG in its production center in Ankara. In addition, our plant in Ankara-Kazan serves for mechanical manufacturing.

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Ceyhun Atuf Kansu Cad. No:145/14 Balgat / ANKARA / TURKEY
Telephone: +90 312 472 35 47 Fax: +90 312 472 35 48
Factory: Modern Keresteciler Sanayi Sitesi, 2. Cadde No: 56 Saray, Kazan / ANKARA / TURKEY